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Netta Virtanen

Netta Virtanen

To Administrative07/08/2015

Hahaha ❤️ This is so funny! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zbRQ-PGQeQ4

Stupid Phrases You Should Never Say Again
Stupid Phrases You Should Never Say Again Some phrases in the English language are stupid and you should really stop saying them. But which ones?! How are you supposed to know? You're just a simple...
  1. lokesh kumar
    22/11/2015 #2lokesh kumar
    My name is Lokesh kumar, I am an MBA-HR in 2012. I have an experience of 3 years in with education sector in HR and Admin domain. So kindly confirm the interview dates if you find me a suitable candidate 9871554923
  2. Ignacio García
    11/08/2015 #1Ignacio García
    "you still should not do the crime!" haha