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Santiago Manzi

Santiago Manzi

My name is Santiago Fernández Manzi  and I would like to introduce myself as Illustrator/Graphic Designer. 
My last job was for “Milk Design Ltd.” Milk JNRs, play smarter (www.fresh-milk.net/)  as an Illustrator.
I worked for KPMG project animation with “Kim Emson Animates”. (www.kimemsonanimates.com) as an Illustrator.
I am very interested and involved in the activity of designing several kinds of items, including magazine, packaging, photo retouch, print design, business card, banners, vector art projects, etc. 
My enclosed resume provides a more detailed description of my education, interests, and work experience.
I feel my qualifications are competitive and my skills would prove to be an asset. I see this company as being progressive, 
and I look forward to the opportunity of being able to contribute to the company’s continued success. I would appreciate your consideration of my credentials. 
You can check my portfolio online at http://www.behance.net/santiagomanzi
Kindest Regards
Santiago Fernández Manzi.
Mail: santiagomanzii@gmail.com