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Ketu Software

Web Design Trends for 2016 2015 is halfway done, and we are already looking toward the future of web design. What new trends will pop up? Which ones will finally be laid to rest? One can only predict, but we have some strong tell-tale signs of what we will be seeing in the year 2016. Overall Prediction: More Unique Experiences With Responsive Web Design becoming even more ubiquitous, laying out webpages has fallen into the same predictable patterns. A 3-up stack of boxes to point out sales features here, a 9x9 grid format on a photo gallery there, we’ve reached a point where the majority of “pretty websites” all look the same. In 2016, I predict we will see more well-thought out and unique user experiences. To achieve this, designers can integrate personal touches for a more unique feel, such as custom-created illustration work, hand-drawn artwork, a new way to incorporate a grid, or even an unconventional way of storytelling to their users.

Web Design Trends for 2016  | GRAYBOX
Web Design Trends for 2016 | GRAYBOX
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