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COVERING LETTER I was living in Lima for approximately Two years, with my Peruvian wife and our Two children. We were the proprietors of a clothes shop, which we decided to close due to excessive rental demands. I then returned to Britain for a year, where I opened my own property business. I purchased houses in need of renovation and restored them to their original state, then the properties were sold for a profit. I decided to close this business, as I wanted to return to Peru to be with my family. Also whilst in Britain I completed a Security Guards Course with the Security Industry Authority of Great Britain. I am now qualified as a Personal Bodyguard/Security Officer , but would be interested in any other position which may be deemed suitable? I was born in London England, and am a native English speaker. I speak basic Spanish, and am now in possession of my Carnet Extranjeria and am able to live and work legally in Peru. I do not own a car, nor have a license to drive. A job at an airport, or guarding visitors from overseas would interest me. But anything legal would be considered. Regards Jonathan Fisher j7fisher@yahoo.co.uk