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Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler


Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler-Thumann, as shareholder of the Schaeffler Group, is continuing the lifelong work of her husband Dr. Ing. E. h. Georg Schaeffler, who died in 1996. She was born in Prague and grew up in Vienna, where she finished high school and attended medical school at Vienna University. In 2014, Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler-Thumann married Jürgen Thumann, the former President of the Federation of German Industries. Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler-Thumann is Deputy Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of Schaeffler AG.

Schaeffler is a leading global high-tech company in family ownership, and is based in Herzogenaurach, Germany. The company was established by brothers Georg and Wilhelm Schaeffler, who settled and started the company in Herzogenaurach after the exodus from Silesia.

Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler-Thumann and the dedicated management team has successfully continued to develop the group of companies. The acquisition of all shares of the clutch manufacturer LuK in 1999 and the acquisition of FAG Kugelfischer Georg Schäfer AG Schweinfurt in 2001 are among the significant and groundbreaking steps the company has taken during the past few years. With the INA and FAG product brands, Schaeffler is the world’s second largest manufacturer of rolling bearings and has the widest range of products among all suppliers.

In 2009, Schaeffler acquired a significant proportion of the shares of Continental AG, and Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler-Thumann has been a member of the Supervisory Board of Continental AG since 2009.

Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler-Thumann’s special bond with the company is not only expressed by her participation in all important conferences and events. She takes a particular personal interest in employee development and compliance with high social, environmental and quality standards. The close connections between the shareholders, management and employees have proved highly effective over a long period.

Along with her dedication to the company in supervisory boards, organizations and committees, Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler-Thumann is receptive towards social concerns, which she supports in many different ways. Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler-Thumann has received many honors and awards for her exceptional entrepreneurial success and outstanding achievements.