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Sara Carmo

Sara Carmo

To Miley Cyrus16/10/2015

Miley Cyrus and Ellen playerd a brand new game called "They Came In Like a Wrecking Ball" for the The Ellen Degeneres Show! Check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1bib9kCBIU&feature=youtu.be !

They Came in Like a Wrecking Ball
They Came in Like a Wrecking Ball Ellen and Miley Cyrus played a brand new game that raised some eyebrows... and some money for a good...
  1. Álvaro Beltrán
    17/10/2015 #2Álvaro Beltrán
    I just realized the strong voice she has!
  2. Maria Neve
    17/10/2015 #1Maria Neve
    Sooo funny ;D