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Jorge Lázaro Molina

Jorge Lázaro Molina

To Scuba divers21/10/2015

Under the propeller of Ulster Queen Wreck, Red Sea, October 2015

Jorge Lázaro Molina
  1. Jorge Lázaro Molina
    21/10/2015 #1Jorge Lázaro Molina
    The Ulster Queen’s final voyage came on 01 November 2005 as the ship was departing Hurghada enroute to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The ship was not carrying any Jeddah-bound passengers so there were only crew onboard. The ship had just cleared Shedwan Island when an explosion in the engine room started a fire which spread rapidly up to the superstructure. The order to abandon ship was given and the crew were rescued by passing vessels. One life reported lost, with 58 survivors.

    An attempt to take the ship in tow and return to port was attempted but the ship capsized while in tow and drifted to the south where she sank at Sha’ab Sheer in approximately 25 meters of water, coming to rest on the bottom on her starboard side.