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Imre Madi

Imre Madi

Do You know... that Karatbars Created a Package for ATM Outage??

It's called KaratPay Freedom Choice.

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The Reason is simple... History always repeat itself and this situation known in all Countries which are experiencing Economy crisis.

Learn more -

Zimbabwe, Greece, and now Venezuela ... they all had / having issues with cash and ironic but no matter the level of the Education - everyone struggling by "system fail"
You should learn about their situation and need Your Own plan for Your Own Economy in case of same situation

Join Karatbars and dm me - We can discuss what to do🍸

Found the following Topic Useful as alternative : 

“ It’s good to have a diversified asset outside of the banking system."

Marc Faber, 
legendary investor and editor/publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, talks about his life and career, his aversion to central bankers, Bitcoin, and why he’s bought physical gold every month since the 1990s.

Original Source : 
Walk on this way - I highly recommend to check out an Alternative Payment System - KaratPay based on gold. 

Imre Madi