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Yllen C.

Yllen C.

To Social Services and NGOs and other hives 29/10/2015

Hello my friends!
Do you really care about corruption?
Fellows, i'm in a social ideas contest, with a fight corruption idea, and i need votes to be selected, i'm asking a few seconds of your time to make a difference and vote on my project idea. You just have to click on the link i will put here, register on contest site, verify yout email and click on the contest link, and go to Political Party Funding idea, and click on vote, VOTE REPORT by Yllen, its my idea. I really believe in a little steps we can transform our society, i just need your vote to turn my idea into reality. If you wanna collaborate with the project, or have more information about it, please feel free to contact me: ourcause@hotmail.com

Thank you. Your vote will make a difference.

Lets change our society.

Yllen C.