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Claudio Carneiro

Claudio Carneiro

Senior Tax Lawyer SÃO PAULO
- Perform legal research on tax matters at municipal, state and federal level;
- Coordinate tax litigation, ensuring reliable status, risk assessment and reserves (FAS 5 and FIN 48 rules);
- Coordinate Federal, State and Municipal tax audits, applying defensive strategies;
- Coordinate requests of internal and external auditors on undergoing audits and litigation;
- Prepare reports to management on existing audits and litigation;
- Coordinate law firms and tax advisors, playing One to enhance cost efficiency;
- Advise businesses on tax opportunities and cases settlements under tax amnesties;
- Bachelor Degree in Law.
- 3 years of experience in tax
- General knowledge of direct and/or indirect taxes (IRPJ, CSLL, ISSQN, ICMS, IPI, and PIS/COFINS).
- Controllership and time-sensitive profile.
- Team player;
- Clear thinking and problem solving
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
- Solid computer skills (excel and power point preferred).
- Intermediate English
- Tax litigation and/or tax compliance experience
- Fluent English
- Confidence / Assertiveness: strong influencing skills across business functions.
- Adaptable/flexible: open to change in response to new information, different or unexpected circumstances