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Sandeep Roy

Sandeep Roy

Since 22 years I have been working at courier & cargo industries, but now I want to move myself at e-commerce industries to take new challenge.

There are lot of online shopping site & delivery vendor in India & everyday mushrooming many more. But most of them are fail to satisfy their customer due to poor service & everyday they have to face lots of customer complain regarding delivery.

Here I have a very simple idea for them to satisfy their customer & help to stop the customer complain about delivery. More over the delivery vendors will bound to improve their service to stay in this market. Actually there will make a competition among them to provide quality service to their clients.

The another idea I have for the delivery vendors how to improve their service & get more business from their client. It is not just enough to deliver everyday 40/45 packets by a delivery boy, the customer satisfaction is also needs to be follow.

The interested company can contact with me, I will share the idea with them.

Please note my email id: sohini61007@gmail.com