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• Integrity: We believe we must always be open and honest in each of our personal and corporate relationships. We will adhere to the policies, procedures, regulations and guidelines of all applicable federal, state and local agencies.
• Personal Responsibility: We believe we are accountable for the quality of our own work and for the total quality of our center's performance.
• Continuous Quality Improvement: We believe we must continually improve our systems and processes in order to maintain the safety of our products and increase the efficiency of our operations.
• Teamwork: We believe each person is important to the success of our center. We believe cooperation, temperate behavior and open communication are the appropriate tools for conducting our business.
• Fairness: We believe tolerance and respect for individual differences are essential to a caring, sharing workplace.
• Innovation: We believe the pursuit of new ideas and new technologies is vital to our success. We encourage creativity and innovation
• Growth: We believe as our center grows, we must provide opportunity for our people to grow personally and professionally.
• Diversity: We believe a capable, diverse work force reflects the diverse community we serve and we participate in a variety of community activities and encourage community engagement.