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Marla Silva

Marla Silva

To Pics31/12/2015

Tian Tan Buddha Hong Kong
Welcome to Tian Tan Buddha or The Big Buddha. This is one of the most amazing sights in Hong Kong and clearly one of the most visited. Located on Lantau Island, Hong Kong, it is a fabulous day trip from the city.

Tian Tan Buddha was completed in 1993 and is the second largest outdoor sitting Buddha in the world. The largest outdoor sitting Buddha in the world is on the Island of Taiwan. The Big Buddha is a short walk from the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Terminal. On a nice day, it is just a pleasant walk.

After you arrive at Ngong Village, follow the masses through the village to the Ngong Village Plaza. From here you take the Bodhi path to the end which is the entrance to the Tian Tan Buddha. As you approach you will notice that there are countless steps, 268 to be exact. Take them slowly, stopping to take pictures along the way. The climb does take effort, but it is well worth it. Enjoy the amazing view of Lantau Island,Hong Kong as you reach the top. It is absolutely marvelous!

As you reach the top you will see six other statutes kneeling to the Big Buddha. Each of the smaller statues are bringing offerings to the Big Buddha, offerings of flowers, incense, fruit, music, and a precious ointment representing the light, Each of these offerings is symbolic of major values of the Buddhist faith. These traits are patience, morality, zeal, charity, wisdom, and meditation. Tian Tan Buddha is built so as to appear to have peace, calming dignity, and provides the faithful of this religion a calm place for meditation and reflection. He is unique in that the statue faces North, rather than the normal South of other statues. Upon reaching the top, the views of Lantau Island and greater Hong kong are breathtaking.

Buddhists or those desiring to know about the religion can elect to have a small lunch at the site and gain entrance to the amazing Tian Tan Buddha Memorial Halls. Lunch tickets can be purchased from the Po Lin Monastery. There are three floors beneath the Big Buddha statue called the Hall of the Universe, The Hall Of Benevolent Merit, and The Hall Of Remembrance. In here are relics especially of interest to Buddhists, including a relic of the Guatama Buddha. If entering the halls, please be respectful of those who do come to worship. No pictures may be taken inside the three halls.

Whatever your degree of interest in the Tian Tan Buddha, it is a must in every itinerary. No Hong Kong adventure is complete without climbing to the top and glancing out across the island. The view is one that will not be forgotten quickly. Upon your return to the Ngong Village, you will find many other things of interest to see and do. There are gift shops and plenty of places to have lunch. The lunch options available in the village are many, including both meat and vegetarian offerings.

Entrance to the Tian Tan Buddha and the Po Lin Monastery are free of charge. There is a charge for the lunch, which includes entrance to the halls. The memorial is open daily from 10 am to 5:30 pm. Enjoy your exploration of the Tian Tan Buddha or the Big Buddha, it is a major destination for all Hong Kong Adventures.


Marla Silva