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John J Gentry

John J Gentry

To Travel and other hives 04/01/2016

7 tips: Put adventure into business travel

#1 Plan your flight - Dress comfortable and get a good seat.

#2 Plan your work time frame and stick to it. - Plan when you will be working and when you will be off.

#3 Enjoy meeting with friends, and make new friends over dinner. - Nothing is more enjoyable then eating exotic food with family, friends or co workers.

#4 Try new food - You should always consider trying something new, and very unique.

#5 Prepare for small day trips. - Have a day bag, and be ready to take advantage of small windows of opportunity.

#6 Study public transportation of destination. If you can grab a taxi, bus or train quickly your time and money will be well spent.

#7 Jet Lag an long flights - Drink water, get some sleep, and don’t eat to much.

You can find more travel tips information at

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25 Travel Tips That Can Save Your Life! | Explore Traveler
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