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Marla Silva

Marla Silva

To Communications and journalism07/01/2016

Roasted Goose In Hong Kong
Roasted goose is an irresistible treat in Hong Kong. Cantonese-style roast goose, in particular, is a delicacy that makes your mouth water. While you are in Hong Kong, you will find roasted goose as commonplace as roasted duck. It is roasted to perfection retaining all the natural juices. You can eat roasted goose at restaurants all over Hong Kong. Roasted goose is served in restaurants that are both large and small. You will find it both expensive and cheap. With all the variety, lets look at a few of the possible places to eat one of Hong Kong's signature dishes.

Yung Kee Central

Yung Kee is one of the Hong Kong institutions. It should be on the top of all itineraries for its history, as well as the quality of the food. Each year since 2009 they have received a coveted honor of excellence. Daily hundreds of people swarm here to eat. They serve more than 300 roasted geese each day. Its reputation means that prices aren't the cheapest, Locals often feel that Yung Kee is more of a tourist trap that is over priced. When you see the current restaurant, it is hard to imagine that they began as a road side stall.

Asiania Restaurant in Wan Chai

This is another hot spot on the Roast Goose scene. Here you can get your roast goose fill with the locals in Wan Chai. Prices are reasonable. Asiania is a local favorite and has been the place where locals gather forever. Asiania Restaurant has been around in Hong Kong for ages. The food is highly raved about. Here the whole roasted goose is piled high on a plate. You will find it sitting in its own succulent roasting juices. This is a well-loved restaurant, so reservations are recommended. They always seem to be busy.

Tai Chung Wah Dai Pai Dong

Dai Pai Dong's are very large street food stall that is licensed. They are larger than most street food stalls and are almost as large as a restaurant. They have lots of tables for service.There are very few Dai Pai Dong's left in Hong Kong. They serve good food for a fraction of even a modest restaurant, without the air conditioning!

These were just three of the places that served quality Roasted goose. There are many more places to get roasted goose. It is a Hong Kong speciality. So pack your bag and grab your passport. It's time for a Hong Kong food adventure.


Marla Silva