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Zenith Lairikyengbam

Zenith Lairikyengbam

To Professions, Workers, Careers24/04/2015

"I HAVE A DREAM" Leadership and Mentoring Training Program.

The lessons from "I HAVE A DREAM" Ice breaking Activity.
-Let Make some space to put more learning.
-Make the learner responsible for learning.
-Empty my cup.
-The world is our classroom.
-Fun Is serious Business!
-The more you give, The more you will GET..........
-Be Responsible with what we do.
-Be Creative.
-Freedom of expression.
-Make use of people in greater way for good.
-Value and respect for others.
And how I will define myself with life Journey and Destination.
-Making a 5th space of myself. I really love this part........
Really this are all fact that we have to know and share more. My day was too long but I really love the day with what I got.

Zenith Lairikyengbam
  1. vijay lal sori
    02/11/2015 #1vijay lal sori
    nice bro