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Nadeem Ahmad

Nadeem Ahmad

2015 is behind us and indeed for many it has been a mix of good, bad and ugly. As we sit around the dinner table during this festive season with our families we can't help ourselves but discuss the failures and challenges we see in the rear view mirror.
People are naturally drawn towards the sad, the failures and struggles in our lives - it's what keeps us human but that does not give us permission to dwell on the problems.

So why do we?

The main reason, I believe is because we have not learnt a lesson, accepted a certain reality or forgiven ourselves for lacking.

What to do?

1) Clearly define how you serve other the best way possible.

2) Teach people how you would like to be treated.

3) Invest in yourself - knowledge and image.

This is the exercise I went through to get to these realizations (based on the three points above) with a pen and pad in hand:

1) I wrote down all my skills and the results each produced. I picked the top three that I enjoyed the most, the easiest to execute , with the most value. From those three I looked through my calendar and noted down the one I did the most. I'm leading 2016 with that one - in case you're wondering check out my LinkedIn Profile.

2) To really figure out 'How' I wanted to operate my business, I figured out my highest values and prioritized my processes around that. Family, health and finance were my top three. I scheduled time off for my family, I booked time of for my health (me time) and booked clients accordingly. When I'm available, when I'm not, the different avenues of getting in touch with me etc. are all outlined to my clients in a service agreement.

3) Admire someone a professional or an individual whom you'd like to 'be like' - I don't mean the same hairstyle and car. That would be be creepy but rather the lifestyle or professional brand image they have created.

Observe, learn and mimic.

Further, you have to go inside yourself a deep trance maybe to really think about your flaws - and make sure you don't bullshit yourself. Bullshit is the seed to a false story that shouldn't be there in the first place. This was the hardest part - admitting my own faults saying "I suck at this, I suck at that". Totally okay but it once its out there, on paper in front of you it's easier to figure out a solution.

Good luck and hustle hard in 2016.

If you have any questions, insights or cools things you'd like to share, I'd love to hear them!