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Marla Silva

Marla Silva

To Communications and journalism and other hives 10/01/2016

City lights In Old Hong Kong
Old Hong Kong is the city of lights. Old Hong Kong, new Hong Kong, and Victoria Harbor ...all are lit up in the night. No other city in the world lights up like Hong Kong nightly, 365 days a year. It is not a holiday thing, it is a Hong Kong thing. Welcome to the city of lights.

Hong Kong is divided by Victory Harbor. The northern side of the bay is the Old Hong Kong. There you will find the soul of Hong Kong. It may be old, but color and lights are everywhere. Old Hong Kong comes alive in lights as the sun sets each night.

The sky is dark with only the lights lighting the otherwise very dark city. The lights are ominous as they begin to come on. One by one the high rises light up. What seems old or drab in the day, is fresh and lit up like New Years at night. What a spectacular light show.

By Eight O'Clock the harbor comes into action with more lights. What beauty abounds in the Old City of Hong Kong. Take the ferry just before Eight and you will see one of the most fantastic light shows the world has to offer. There is nothing any more marvelous than being on the water and seeing all the areas from the bay.

When standing in the old city, you can look across the harbor and see the modern skyscrapers all lit up for the night. Everywhere in Hong Kong, from the oldest building to the newest are lighted highrises. No Hong Kong adventure is complete without going out in the night. It is at night that the soul of Old Hong Kong comes alive. It is at night that modern Hong Kong also joins in the light show. And not to be left out, is the harbor. Hong Kong comes alive at night!

If you are looking for adventure, come on over to Hong Kong. There is much to see and do. Be sure to take a ferry ride just before 8 to see the best of Hong Kong at night. See you at the harbor!



Marla Silva