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Nadeem Ahmad

Nadeem Ahmad

To Business Coaching Online11/01/2016


It's a force in life that keeps us moving. It pulls you, it pushes you and ultimately you push back.
At times the insanity of pressure can get the best of you and many people in and around our lives have succumbed to this pressure.

Being an entrepreneur, consultant and coach for many others like myself we all recognize and appreciate pressure.

What sets us apart in my opinion, from most, is the ability to transcend the negativity of the pressure.

Keep in mind entrepreneur or not, we're all stagnant without pressure.

It's the gravity that keeps our lives moving forward.

Do these five steps to release pressure:

1) The pressure you are experiencing came from a story you told yourself.

2) Break down that story to its simplest form of cause and affect.

3) Do something different. The more drastic the change the more drastic the results.

4) Create your own pressure intentionally. This will keep you motivated and moving.

5) Have a morning or daily ritual to dissolve the buildup of pressure in your business, relationships and life.

Pressure is a critical part of success - much rather create and manage your own rather than pressure of the influences around you.

A piece of coal with millions of tones of pressure and a few thousand years later you do indeed have a diamond.

Live with creativity, clarity and gratitude.


Nadeem Ahmad