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Alok Pal

Alok Pal

To Project Managers11/01/2016

I'm in Engineering, Procurement & Construction(EPC), consultants.over 40 years. Worked in Europe, Africa, Middle-East and India. Mainly at Steel & Power Plant, focused at Oxygen Plant, Utilities.Air Pollution Control..
Certified LAW OF ATTRACTION, Practitioners. , Looking for like minded People/ organizations to add value as an advisory, role. Coaching of practical benefits on Profit & Productivity. Alok Pal.Harvard Boston. MIT-USA Certified.Interested in value creation over money earnings.
Alok Pal,India
my CV :•

Alok Pal (10 K+)'s Personal Website on Strikingly
Alok Pal (10 K+)'s Personal Website on Strikingly
offers-pal-10-k.strikingly.com Alok Pal (10 K+)'s Personal...
  1. Alok Pal
    11/01/2016 #1Alok Pal
    Networking and Harmony is the base foundation of wealth.

    My CV:•

    Looking for network with positive like minded people.
    My life purpose is to add value to people's life to live in JOY.
    I invite people /NGO/ to help me .