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Robson Cadore

Robson Cadore

To Love and Road15/01/2016

Yesterday we had one of the most powerful and unique experiences in our whole trip! We did our "Sak Yant" the famous bamboo tattoo, that is blessed by a monk. After some talking, the Ajarn Rung suggested us the perfect tattoo for our fears and protection. Then was time to face the pain and receive the ink in our skin. It´s believed the tattoo has powers, gives you protection and blessing... A mix of faith, superstition and magic... The truth is: it was a very special moment, a unique experience, one more chapter of our story that is written on our hearts and skin!

Robson Cadore
  1. Catalina Serrano
    15/01/2016 #3Catalina Serrano
    I love that tattoo! It is actually really special