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Avinash BuntyTiwary

Avinash BuntyTiwary

I am looking for :
• Strong experience in C/C++ development for Embedded Linux systems
• Thorough knowledge of embedded system fundamentals such as DMA, interrupts, and device drivers, specifically on Linux (3.x kernels preferred, worst case 2.6.x kernels)
• Hands on Experience in integration of NAND flash into embedded systems and development NAND flash management software (including Flash Translation Layer, Block Devices in Linux)
• Hands on Experience embedded debug tools such as JTAG and logic analyzers
• Should have expertise in interfacing NAND Flash Controller with NAND Flash. ONFI expertise is a plus
• Good Linux Kernel debugging skills
• Experience with ARM or equivalent embedded multi-core microprocessor architectures is required.
• Understanding of NAND Flash Specific Handling - Wear Levelling, Bad Blocks Manag