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Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie

To Travel18/01/2016

Visit scenic Kryzbekistan !
Welcome to iconic Kryzbekistan, a newly minted central Asian breakaway republic. Founded under the. Kyrgsantium resolution, the new nation was born of hope and strife. Separating from decades of dominant Soviet culture, while cutting a national path of independence away from any western influences. Devotedly loyal to traditional lifestyle, technology is mostly absent - you are not getting a wifi signal and cell phone coverage is sparse in the capital city of Nahodinka, the largest city in the nation with nearly 30,000 lyodies.
The national product of pride is an ale crafted from a barley, rye, wheat hybrid. There is no currency, as all goods, services, salaries, and debts are paid with this heady Meyd. Getting around the region is mostly done by train, yak kart, or the occasional vintage Lada. Taxis are nearly an extinct beast of burden - but for the lucky or the rich there is a triked rickshaw (Troika) that buzzes around the towns, leaving the city in a constant hum of the three wheeled two-stroke chariots.

*Note - Kryzbekistan is not now, nor has ever been a real country - but I could not fail to chime in with a few e-pages of fun. Where did Kryzbekistan come from? The true origin is from an article that John Branch wrote for NY Times: find it here: http://tinyurl.com/mgeawbd

Brian McKenzie
  1. Brian McKenzie
    07/03/2016 #4Brian McKenzie
    So all the world is a buzz about Virtual Reality and the new apps to disappear into that digital realm completely. Color me uninterested. I am far more inclined to pursue a life and pastime outdoors, off grid, out in the wild. And I am betting that there are more than a handful of adventurists and REALISTS still left out there.

    To that end – I am preparing to launch, construct, develop and grow and a TRUE REALITY CAMP.

    I will teach the basics of UNPLUGGING, GHOSTING, Land Navigation, Basic Camping and Survival techniques, Language training, Critical Analysis, Creative Writing, and of course Cooking.

    The Camp will be set up to train the basics required for Out Bound Tourism, Off Grid Living, and well prepare you for your GAP Year or Path to Going Galt. It will be built upon the foundation of the Self Reliant concepts of Thoreau and Walden; located well away from the technology centers of the world.

    In all things - Simplify, Simplify, Simplify.

    If you are interested – chime in below. At this point – it is just a concept, an exploration into the real world. It will be launched in Central Asia – but mobile – I will relocate and move the camp to a new country, every year – each spring.

    Camp will be 21 days long, 7 days for busy executives – country of interest... "Kyrzbekistan", of course. Air-fare will NOT be included in the price of Camp.