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Tanya Todorova

Tanya Todorova

To Fashion and Beauty and other hives 20/01/2016

Anti-aging consultant http://www.businessforall.eu/anti-aging-consultant/

Tanya Todorova
  1. Tanya Todorova
    29/03/2016 #1Tanya Todorova
    Anti-aging means big business for you

    You can build a business as big and successful as you want if you position yourself in front of the worldwide aging trends. Here are three reasons why:
    1. People want to control how they age. A recent study showed that over 60% of women confirmed that the 60s are the new middle age.
    2. Society is aging on a global scale.
    3. Health & beauty industries represent big business and is a huge industry that offers a global opportunity to those who jump in front of the trends.
    Visit my site for more information on how you can position yourself to build a big business. I look forward to hearing from you