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Muhammad Akhtar

Muhammad Akhtar

A challenging assignment with an opportunity of careers advancement.


• About 25 years of Experience as a Site Engineer , Site Inspector & Site Supervisor
• Highway Structure Culverts & Bridges 72 K.M Road Khandkot to Kashmore.
• Indus Highway Project 65 k.m Road, Bridges & Culverts Kotri to Manjhan NHA
• Tamari Karachi Corridor 1&2 Over fly Bridges. Storical Complex & High Rise Building
• Dubai & Saudi Arabia. Water supply sewerage work Karachi water board contact package
• # 5C,WN-16. Extension of 64" M.S Pipe and PRCC 84" dia link pipe line, KII/WN-10
• KIII Project. Doha Qatar Piping Work of NODCO (National Oil Distribution Company)