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Bishnu Rajak

Bishnu Rajak

Bishnu Rajak (Pune)

Mo. 8888982613

Prosperity Agro India Ltd.
Duration: (Sep. 2010 – Till Date)
Designation: Admin/ Facility Executive
Job Profile:
• Maintain offices and office equipments, safety, housekeeping.
• Ensuring all facility management such as transport / travel / canteen / guest House etc.
• Handling of petty cash expenses
• Stationery management, store management, stock management.
• Looking after AMC’s of AC, Lifts, DG set, UPS, Pest Control.
• Arranging Plumber, Carpenter and Electrician for various locations.
• Coordinating with travel desk for booking Railway, bus and Air tickets.
• Front desk management including courier and monitoring helpdesk activities
• Coordinating with Transport department, Accounts department, Purchase department
• Arranging accommodations at Hotels and Guest Houses for employees & guests
• Interact with vendors, process purchase orders & payment of bills.
• All premises asset management, Guest house management, event management.
• Supervising the office boys and housekeeping staff for appropriate and high maintenance of facility.
• Ensure cleanliness (Housekeeping) and maintenance of all office equipment (including computers, telephones, workplaces, vending machines etc.) and office premises (including parking space, reception area, and restrooms) on a daily basis.
• Keeps a check on the level of Diesel in Genset and looking after the its Maintenance
• Statutory Compliances like shop Act License, Property Tax, Water tax