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Jake Shanks

Jake Shanks

Hello everyone! I'm new here and thought that I would introduce myself. I'm Jake Shanks from the US. Being new to this website, I know very little about it, but it seems that most people on here speak spanish. I guess I'll have to pull the Rosetta Stone off the shelf and learn the language. Looking to connect with as many people possible for when my memoirs are published. Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

  1. Jake Shanks
    31/01/2016 #12Jake Shanks
    Hello Macir, I love your attitude, bro! You keep that dream in front of you and you can make it happen! God bless and God speed!
  2. Jake Shanks
    31/01/2016 #11Jake Shanks
    Much appreciated, @regiane bastos martins!#10
  3. regiane bastos martins
    27/01/2016 #10regiane bastos martins
    Good afternoon Jeke be welcome.
  4. moacir pinho
    26/01/2016 #9moacir pinho
    Hi Jake, I have 49 years old and Welcome !! I'm new here too and I don't speak english well. I just have basic english, I don't know how to speak spanish too but I know something. I will learn the english language alone...Everyday I read something about english language because one day I'll be where you are right now, one day I want to go to the United States and talk about how we can make our lives better and say to people.... bellieve... we can....., it is possible...you just have to bellieve ..It's my dream so I think I'have a great job to do....God bless you
  5. moacir pinho
    25/01/2016 #8moacir pinho
    Hi Jake,
  6. Luis Antunes
    25/01/2016 #7Luis Antunes
    Hello @Jake Shanks, welcome
  7. Gevaldo Cardoso Ribeiro
    25/01/2016 #5Gevaldo Cardoso Ribeiro
    Thank you very much Joan. for follow me.
  8. Gevaldo Cardoso Ribeiro
    25/01/2016 #4Gevaldo Cardoso Ribeiro
    Thank you very much!
  9. Teresa Gezze
    25/01/2016 #3Anonymous
    Or we can get more US people in here! Welcome!!
  10. Juan Imaz
    24/01/2016 #2Juan Imaz
    Wellcome Jake!
  11. Javier 🐝 beBee
    24/01/2016 #1Javier 🐝 beBee
    Hi Jake. We hope to grow a lot in the US during the next months ! ;)