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Manjula Seetha

Manjula Seetha

 Processing of all the Invoices which pertains to facilities, raising of purchase requests
waiting for approvals and once they are approved sending it to accounts.
 Checking the helpdesk website for any request and addressing those requests on time by coordinating with the concerned people.
 Conducting periodical survey on facilities and presenting the feedback to facility team for further scopes of improvement.
 Involved in updating and reporting of fixed asset movements from one facility to another and helping the accounts team in maintaining and filing the fixed assets and STPI formalities.
 Coordinating for sending birthday greetings and cakes to all the employees on their birthdays also for sending bouquets on their wedding anniversaries.
 Coordinating with the facility manager for upkeep and maintenance of the facility.
 Being a member of the cultural committee coordinating with the other teams for organizing and conducting various events successfully.