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Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie

To motorcycle06/02/2016

The Indian Scout, coming in at a similar price point and weight as the Harley Sportster. Sitting nearly 600 lbs, she is on the portly side for running down the dirt roads, and I have not seen the tires for this ride yet.
The GOOD: it would be an epic adventure to ride one across Russia, it can be said that none have done it before, so there is that pioneer adventure newb aura for it. Pricing is on par with the Harley, they did that on purpose assuredly.
The BAD: the bike is water cooled with a radiator. For reliability, I don't care, I have had several fluid heads that performed well for me, but a radiator failure in the middle of BFR with no parts supply chain worries me.
The UGLY: this bike has floorboards in a forward cruising set up those would have to go to mids and pegs......

Brian McKenzie