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Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie

To motorcycle06/02/2016

Harley Davidson XL883R
There are currently 6 Sportster models from Harley. My favorite of the line will always be the 883R. This model has the best ground clearance and gear ratio for dirty and rough riding. I must admit that I am partial to this bike, having already owned a 03 & 06. Harley actually has a dealer network across Russia from their Far East to Ekaterinaburg to Moscow to St Petersburg and into Ukraine with Kiev.
The GOOD: I know this bike well, logging nearly 50k miles between the two I had. There are plenty of accessories for this bike to make it ready for the trip.
The BAD: the tank needs to go bigger with the 4.5 gallon model. It bolts right on. But it is a 600 part and nearly 300 in labor. The bike is no longer in production - even overseas; so finding one, will be a bit of a challenge.
The UGLY: theft - Harley is a high attention high cost bike in many places that I would ride. It is not so much the replacement as it would be the end of the trip if it were stolen or molested.

Brian McKenzie