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Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie

To motorcycle06/02/2016

The Ural Solo St. Though no longer in production, I have had assurances from the factory to build and deploy such a ride. Seen here in Black, but I would order it in Afghan Orange.

The good: ease of replacement parts in Russia, East Europe, and Ukraine. Full power and torque of a tank and though fuel injected, it has many design elements of the WW II Soviet military work horse. It is a bulky and easy to work on mount and runs well even with crappy gas. All of the time in the saddle has shown it to be a rugged sledgehammer for the job, nothing subtle or stylish about it.

The bad: accessories are lacking for an adventure set up ( the side car is well supported, but the two wheeler lacks) the electronics and support for heated gear and data chargers are in question. A solo ride without gps and electronic dictionary riding across Russia, would be pure folly

Az új Ural ST - 60 éves modell
Az új Ural ST - 60 éves modell MotoClub -...