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Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie

To motorcycle06/02/2016

Moto Song: Dion - The Wanderer

With my two fists of iron
The wind in my hair
and I am going no where .......
yep. A new country - every year until I die.
Done with being anchored to just one place.

Dion - The Wanderer
Dion - The Wanderer This video has been uploaded several times on YouTube (one in stereo) but never with a HQ remastered sound of the Original recording. I took the privilege...
  1. Brian McKenzie
    07/02/2016 #2Brian McKenzie
    #1 After months of consideration - I am heading to #Kyrzbekistan - to write a book, and maybe my memoirs. The country after that ... well that is too far to plan for right now.