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Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie

To Cars07/02/2016

Soviet Wheels: Lada Niva
This should really have been done on a Thursday, as the Niva feels like it is at best 1980 all over again. The best way to describe the Niva - is if a Yugo had a redneck cousin. It is a tiny two door hatchback about the size of the original Rabbit - before it became the Golf - and kitsche is thick in appearance. It is a 4x4 box in a two door - an obnoxious rollerskate - but it is also available as a 4 door version. 'Niva' is the Russian word for means field - and it is at home best there, the dirty and rough places

The motor is a 1600 or 1700cc affair - and the spare tire is mounted in the engine bay. The bumpers are circa the 80's, so maybe this provides some front impact 'safety' as well. Gauges are all analogue - and the toggle look like Lego brick rejects or parts robbed from the old Tandy / Radio shack switch bin. There is not a radio - and you are not synching your mobile device to anything. Though if you have an App for fuel economy and capacity - enable that; the gas gauge is terribly unreliable according to internet chatter. Don't get stuck out in the woods with nothing in the tank ! Most of them that I am seeing around Poltava have spare gas tanks on them - like the Jeeps used to do in the 70's.

Lada Niva 4x4 5th Gear
Lada Niva 4x4 5th Gear All credits go to 5th Gear, i just noticed i couldnt find it on youtube so uploaded...