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Josean Arranz Linares

Josean Arranz Linares

To Best Music Tracks Ever and other hives 07/02/2016


Rammstein - Du Hast (Official Video)
Rammstein - Du Hast (Official Video) ► Website: http://www.rammstein.com ► Shop: http://shop.rammstein.de Location: Berlin and Brandenburg Director: Philipp Stölzl Single: Du Hast From the...
  1. Brian McKenzie
    05/09/2016 #1Brian McKenzie
    What kind of person are you ? - The Romantic Atheist Pessimist who is still pissed about the Mayans being wrong
    What are your dreams ? I don't do those any more
    Where do you want to be in five years ? pft - I don't plan more than a year ahead - one Revolution at a time is more than enough on my plate.
    What about kids, marriage, family ? they are all easily quite avoidable
    Do you believe in Love ? Do you still believe in Santa Clause 8?/
    What is happiness to you ? A handful of throttle, a full tank of gas - nowhere to go & all day to get there.
    Do you even think about girls ? Nearly as often as they ever think of me, and for about as long.

    This could be why I am not getting second dates - w00t