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Dean Owen

Dean Owen

To Professions, Workers, Careers and other hives 08/02/2016

One Slightly Unorthodox Way to Kickstart your Career

One Slightly Unorthodox Way to Kickstart your Career
One Slightly Unorthodox Way to Kickstart your Career
www.linkedin.com Degree in hand, you may be forgiven for thinking you were now armed with what was needed to land a great job straight out of college. With the slow improving global economy, we are seeing a...
  1. Dean Owen
    15/02/2016 #14Dean Owen
    One Slightly Unorthodox Way to Kickstart you Career - Dean Owen, Co-Founder, Quimojo - Global Campus Recruitment
  2. Tiina Holli
    13/02/2016 #13Tiina Holli
    Anyway, I still think this is an excellent piece and it should be shared further - BUT HOW ?
  3. Tiina Holli
    13/02/2016 #12Tiina Holli
    aha, robo just informed me that Attention ! You ahve already shared this on 3 hives ! oh bugger that's it then
  4. Tiina Holli
    13/02/2016 #11Tiina Holli
    Besides, @Dean Owen - are you more enlightened than me - I want to share this further, where can I see in which hives it has already shared ?
  5. Tiina Holli
    13/02/2016 #10Tiina Holli
    Have you dear @Dean Owen yet figured out how to get more people to read this and click Relevant to this, and are these Relevant clicks somehow relevant or is that for decoration purposes only ...?
  6. Tiina Holli
    11/02/2016 #9Tiina Holli
  7. Danis & Holli Art Projects
    10/02/2016 #8Danis & Holli Art Projects
    I am commenting on the behalf of Danis & Holli and recommending - this is a very good read !
  8. Tiina Holli
    08/02/2016 #7Tiina Holli
  9. Tiina Holli
    08/02/2016 #6Tiina Holli
    Hi again dear Dean @Dean Owen, you have been a busy bee, I noticed, I was flying freely outside for 8 hours and here are two new articles of yours and looks good also! Am going to check that oil-story yet, but the sex-student-graduate-story was quite convincing. I wrote only that one Collection-blog -post, here is the direct link, I don't know how to link to that beBee-post ... and I cannot find it ...
  10. Dean Owen
    08/02/2016 #5Dean Owen
    #4 @Tiina Holli, you are making me blush! Now I am under pressure to deliver. So glad you liked the article. Looking forward to reading yours ! Warmest, Dean
  11. Tiina Holli
    08/02/2016 #4Tiina Holli
    #3 Dear Dean @Dean Owen, as the quality of your posts probably is steadily like this one, I am certainly looking forward to that launch of the beBee publishing platform next month because I am predicting you'll be on it. These ideas you gave only in this one post were brilliant, I truely think so. But don't waste all your bullits in one bang Keep us Drooling here for more Thank you
  12. Dean Owen
    08/02/2016 #3Dean Owen
    #1 @Tiina Holli, you are too kind. Thank you for sharing. Hopefully it reaches one person and helps them get a dream job. Looking forward to the launch of the beeBee publishing platform next month. Lots more to come!
  13. Tiina Holli
    08/02/2016 #2Tiina Holli
    @Dean Owen has a completely fresh approach to crowdfunding and kickstarts as a possibility to jobseekers. Read here how to do it right.
    This is brilliant.
  14. Tiina Holli
    08/02/2016 #1Tiina Holli
    Dear Dean, I am speechless - this idea is ingenious !