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Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie

To Vintage cars08/02/2016

My Old Ride: 1940/41 Plymouth Roadking Deluxe
This was my old car. It was a 'barn find' on Bainbridge Island. I was the third owner. The original owner bought it new in 1941 and used it as a 'commuter' vehicle for his entire career as a sales executive on the island. (the island is only 6 miles long) When I bought it- it had 23K on the odometer, all original. The car was meticulously maintained - it came to the shop every season for an oil change and brake service (drums on all four ! ). The car had been stored for several months when the original owner wanted to give it to his 16 year old grand daughter to drive ! She refused because she was afraid to drive it, the owner of the shop bought it off of him. I purchased it when I was the service writer to the shop. The 1941 had no power brakes, no power steering, a manual three on the tree with an autoglide clutch (meaning - if you got the RPMs right you could shift the car smoothly without the clutch - I never attempted such)

I bought the vehicle for 8K and spent a summer taking it to events and parades. Original equipment was an inline 6 cylinder with a points ignition and 6 volt electrical system. The interior was original, the paint had been redone in the 70's but it was the original color. This car was billed as the 'businessman special' in that there were ACRES of trunk for carrying display models or product pitches that the traveling sales man of the time needed to pitch to sell. It was also the base model - with no radio or ashtray - both important features - but sold at the dealer at a premium mark-up. The original cost for the vehicle was $975 ! - hard to imagine how far that 1) the vehicle had appreciated 2) how worthless the dollar had become in 65 years.

Full Story an more photos at : https://storia.me//story/074881fdb2415000/moment/0860a71c77070000

Brian McKenzie