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Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie

To Vintage cars08/02/2016

#CarPorn: Deuce Coupe
The '32 Ford is one of the most customized and instantly recognizable Hot-Rods; and one of the most Notorious of course. When talking about a Deuce Coupe – make no mistake – you are talking about FORD. Yes, Chevrolet and the Dodge Brothers also made cars that year, but for Rodders and Custom Builders – the Deuce Coupe is always a FORD.

What is so special about the model? It was a radical redesign away from the classic Model T that had brought Ford to the forefront of American Auto Building. Unlike the model T – the lines of the car were tapered and wedged from front to back – there was not a conspicuous cabin bulge where the passengers sat. It had a stiffened chassis and an advanced for the time suspension that made for a smoother ride.

The cars were available in a 3 or 5 window coupe set-up. The 3 windows were the most popular and sought after (behind the cabrio) and examples were disappearing fast.

One of the most popular custom trends was the "Big and Little Tire" combination. By placing wider and taller tires at the rear of the car, a rake of the ride was created without modifying the suspension.

Usually the rides are presented in one of two flavors – a HI and Lo variant. A Hi-Boy roadster sits on top of the frame chassis rails, and the entire substructure is visible. In a Lo-Boy version – the body is 'channeled, over the frame – thus giving an overall lower belt line to the car.

1932 Ford Highboy Roadster - Jay Leno's Garage
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