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Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie

To Bloggers10/02/2016

Ny - Ladno (alright then) - Kofe xochesh (did I want coffee)
Da - konechno - kak u always - damnit now she had me Mish-mashing english and Russian - of Course I wanted Coffee ! I am from Seattle - we think we nearly invented the elixir and have it coursing through our veins pushing the grey winter rainy skies away. Without coffee - that town would probably commit mass suicide.

So coffee - it was time to visit the bikini baristas again ! And who could refuse such a pleasant and full sight of three Kyrzbeki girls in bikinis? Lamchik pulled in on the opposite side, so that I would be closest to Vera, Dasha and Marta / yes, a good operative always gets the names of his suppliers when caffeine is demand. Such a cute Troika. Whatever is in the water here - is pure magic.

Coffee - mne nyzhno! Little Dasha was running the machine and ready to give me a repeat of what she had medicated to me earlier in the day. Lamchik ordered a cactus energy drink that was said to give you the jolt of coffee and the kick of a girl's version of Viagra - like she needed any additional supplement to her libido ?!? After the prerequisite of flirting and oggling - we were off to the scavenger hunt for the 3 Nivas in town, and to see if any of them were for sale.

Find the full and developing story at http://bit.ly/1Kbja0r

Brian McKenzie