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Murat Oktay Danis

Murat Oktay Danis

To Artists and actors and other hives 11/02/2016

Murat Oktay Danış [ Danis ]
Contemporary Painter, Art Theoretician
The Theory of Art by M.O.Danış

- A completely new way to look at painting. -

Artist's Statement : Art is 4 -sided.

Theory of Art by M.O.Danış is a comprehensive theoretical approach to art and life, and it presents completely new art methods to practice art professionally as well as a means of self-expression to humanity. Theory of Art by M.O.Danış includes both art theory and practice of artistic work, and professional as well as social aspects of art.

Art theoretician Murat Oktay Danış has worked on his theory, and also worked and lived in accordance with the theory itself for over 40 years as his main duty. Danış has determinately worked on his theory from a very early age. He was first a professionally working artist in child roles 1966 - 1974 in Ankara Radio Chorus and State Opera and Ballet, and since 1968 he has been a painter, whose work is based on experimental, expressive improvisation.

According to methods that he developed, Danış has practiced writing and regulated multi-disciplinary sports daily, and made a number of projects in collaboration with musician groups since 1996. As early as 1991, while developing his theory, Danış started to apply digital working methods to his artistic work, such as digital video art, sound art, digital picturing, and the last 10 years also photographic art.

Murat Oktay Danış has studied Game Theory and Probability Theory since the 1980´s. Danış graduated in 1988 from Hacettepe University, Ankara, Engineering Faculty, as a chemical engineer. The structure of Chemistry has inevitably had an effect on developing his theory.

In Danış´s conceptual art theory self-expression plays the key role - abstract, experimental improvisation sessions mainly in painting or playing the piano, after strictly regulated sport and writing. Also completely new and concrete methods are introduced to art practices.


Murat Oktay Danis
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