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Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie

To Cars13/02/2016

Coming out of Russia, and looking like every bit of every Lego Car I ever tried to build, is the new Sherp ATV. It is a 3000 pound 'utility' box on wheels that will tackle and conquer mud, snow, ice, and yes water. The ATV spans out at about 11 feet in length and is steered like a tank, with levers, rather than a steering wheel. If you need to go hunting, camping, or escape the zombie apocalypse, this is the vehicle to have. Initial prices were quoted at 65,ooo - but due to production scaling, and currency exchange realities - the Sherp can be hand for about 50,ooo. (Transportation and importation costs are of course extra and on you) Powered by a diesel motor in 1.5 liter trim, pushing out about 44 horsepower - running at a top speed of 28-30 mph; the Sherp is the perfect OFF-Grid Commuter. Put her in the water and she will chug about 4 knots. If you want to run at freeway speeds - this ain't your ride. Pushing massive tires, that have on board inflation and pressure regulators - she can chew up nearly any obstacle in her path easily. Built as a 'truck' chasis; it comes available in the options of open top, a canopy rear, or a closed box truck with bed.

Here is the company Website sherp.ru/en
come see it at the Russian Hunting and Fishing Expo in Moscow Feb 24-28
If you don't speak Russian but want to order one, give me a jingle. I am not affiliated with the company - but hell, I know the language.

Check out the video in the post from @JimCody

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