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Lucía Nicolás

Lucía Nicolás

To Learn Spanish13/02/2016

St Valentine´s Day living abroad?

St Valentine´s is here one more time, are you living or studying abroad and single? In some countries St Valentine´s Day becomes too commercial; hearts, gifts, love cards everywhere you look around. Here are some suggestions for a "St. Valentine's escape":

- Meet new friends: If you are studying is a good chance to meet friends from your school/university who might also feel lonely on Valentine's Day and need a good plan. If you are learning a foreign language you can practice and have fun.

- City break: Get to know the country or surroundings, a short break to discover the country where you are living now is an excellent way to spend St Valentine´s Day.

- Go to the cinema: Celebrate St Valentine´s Day with a movie night out. Find a movie to watch, get you tickets and snacks and enjoy!

- City Sightseeing: Sightseeing city tours offer the chance to get to know local and cultural traditions, interesting attractions and city heritage. A day discovering the city is a fun way to spend the day.

Happy St Valentine´s Day!

Lucía Nicolás