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Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie

To Bloggers14/02/2016

Happy Valentine's Day .... welcome to BAD LOVE Songs
The Cheesy, wimpy, over-done - this from the 80's when MTV actually still played Videos non-stop. What does it take to be a BAD LOVE song? Here are the Top Ten Ways to do it.
1) Ball wrenching High Notes for starters.
2) Repeat a girl's name nearly endlessly for the duration of the song.
3) Open up that shirt and show some chest hair, bonus points for calling Love SHIT - but still coming back.
4) Be the lead song in a Pop love themed and over-sappy Teen Movie
5) Attempt a Prime Time TV cross over to Pop 40- with painful results.
6) Ladle in sexual innuendo thick and heavy; while full of BIG Hair Band wimpesticles
7) Do some inter-dimensional time travel
8) Go for the apocalyptic after the crash meme; but still be too full of the pansy and sissy
9) Bemoan that is it over, done, gone and left for good - and pout like the RCA dog
and 10) Repeat the word LOVE like it means something - and is improved by each new repetition of its' utterance

Featuring Paul Young, Steve Perry, Michael Bolton, Peter Gabriel, Berlin, Roxette, WhiteSnake, Krokus and MORE