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Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie

To Bloggers19/02/2016

Blogging where humor and wtf meet......
Duck Lip Selfies
Do you need to have the perfect set of duck lips for your selfie or club party photo? Do you need to look like you have an allergic reaction to shellfish? Do you crave to have been granted the magical power to have the fashion look of an aquatic animal that goes Kva-Kva-Kva in the Russian Motherland?

Lest you were to want to take only ordinary photos and selfies - your salvation from lame social media poses and boring Instagrams comes via 'Merica ... where else?

Bursting onto the scene in 3 distinct styles and sizes - is the all natural Lip appliance - Fullips. Find and create your own 'Hollywood' vision and meme with the full range of products - the all natural kiss-face enhancement!

If You LOVE to take Lip Volume up to Eleventeen! - then the LARGE Round is your party maker of choice. If you have small lips or want just a little bit of 'puff, plump and pomp' then Small Oval is your best option. If you are like Goldi-Locks and somewhere in between the extremes - make your fairytale endings happen with Medium Oval. Find your favorite! Get your Quack on! Experience Social Media in full Pucker.

Brian McKenzie