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Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie

To Bloggers19/02/2016

More "tech"
The innovation of the Smart Phone has revolutionized how we relate and interact with data and the world around us. (for better or worse) You now have resting in your pocket, a computer and multimedia device that decades ago would have been housed in a full room. Those by-gone monsters would have taken countless technicians to run the functions you accomplish with the swipe of a finger. An entire vast universe is at your disposal...but we use it for cat memes, social media, games and video feeds.
So with that in mind. This simple 'hack' will amaze your friends and transform your ordinary cell phone or tablet into a virtual 3-D mini theater. Grab your scissors, clear flexi-plexi plastic and let the magic begin; or for more sturdy versions you can use glass or a CD Jewel Case

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