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Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie

To Cars20/02/2016

Back before they became right angle origami - the Lamborghini had a svelte style and profile that screamed sex : the 1968 Miura was that car

The side profile of the lines of the body mimic that of the silhouette of a naked girl; the busty headlights above the front wheels, slimming into the hips at the cockpit and blossoming back to the overarching burgeoning hips where the sex lies - the V-12 motor.

The 3.9 L V12 engine used in the 400GT at the time, mounted transversely in a mid-engine setup. The block cranked out 350hp in original run, but with modifications in later years, a hotter cam - netted a 380 hp rating. There is simply nothing sexier than the song of its' exhaust, as it winds up the RPM and runs the gears - pure Porn; Auto-Erotica.

Touted as the first road-going 'Super Car', The Miura was purposely built for the 'street' and general driving public. Countering the paths of Ferrari and Ford with their high performance offerings that were bred for the track and then converted to the boulevard, the Miura is all street. Pushing the motor down the road - a top speed of 165mph was published. This number is not based on the power plant, but the speed rating of the original tires; a set of new shoes today should net a high pass rating.

LAMBORGHINI MIURA C&SC's James Page drives his first Lamborghini Miura and finally finds out what all the fuss is...