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Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie

To Bloggers20/02/2016

Life in Beta,
I have been a lead user and trouble finder for another social media sight for Two Years - it focuses on the Russian side of the world. As a linguist - I enjoy working between the two realms. But as an avid user of tech - not a programmer - I have come across many user interface functionality issues that were not previously found, nor occurring during Beta testing.

I call that blog - Life in Beta.
And I must say that I must here enter my first posting here for that Buggy world. Your site has a 'popup' rating and feedback box that is operated by a 3rd party. The text dialogue box for Problems, Errors, Suggestions - is not working. The pop up window does not allow for text entry from a lap top running Google Chrome, on a Laptop in-put device (mobile maybe different). Meaning in current functioning - you are only getting a numeric rating, and NOT actual user text feedback - which is probably the sought goal.

The Suggestion I would like to make - is that there is an EDIT function for Buzz posts - not just a DELETE. Sometimes, hopping between languages - I get a spelling error or spoonerism that works in Russian - but not in English - and I can't correct it - without Deleting the entire Buzz and starting over - and I only have 30 minutes to do that ! (sometimes I don't notice the errore until after that time) ...... Enjoying the platform, looking for growth into the other BRICS nations soon ! Great to be a Bee !

Brian McKenzie
  1. Brian McKenzie
    22/02/2016 #1Brian McKenzie
    Thanks for the looks and and share! More Life in Beta as it happens .