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Tiina Holli

Tiina Holli

To Artistas y Actores and other hives 29/02/2016

,,,,TO- i n S T A LL- " - i M A G E ",,
i n t o,,
" t h e- - B O D Y- o f- P A i N T " ..
by painter and art theoretician
@Murat Oktay Danis

This discussion featured in the
Independent Fine Art Professionals Hive :

To discuss :
Watch the video on his site of a painter using her body as the tool/medium to produce an image.
Murat Oktay Danış has a total, absolute and a
( to say it simply ) much more holistic approach to painting and using artist´s body as a medium,
than what is shown in this video.

What is Your approach to using your body
in art making / doing ?

To be an artist has got to be more than just the cowork of hand and eye.

How do you maintain your body, your TOOL ?


Art & Photo © Murat Oktay Danış

Tiina Holli
  1. Tiina Holli
    29/02/2016 #4Tiina Holli
    #3 Great to hear this @Kym Dolcimascolo ! At the moment am also not really here ---this is my avatar--- and in fact i am sleeping very well and preparing myself to be paiting furiously in the morning light ! with all my assets what ever they might be
  2. Kym Dolcimascolo
    29/02/2016 #3Kym Dolcimascolo
    Fabulous Work!!!! When I was younger I utilized my body often as a paint brush & as molds for sculpture .. this inspires me to do so again! Thank you, Tiina!
  3. Tiina Holli
    29/02/2016 #2Tiina Holli
    What is your experience ?
  4. Tiina Holli
    29/02/2016 #1Tiina Holli
    To the theory of using the whole body as a tool in making art : http://muratdanis.blogspot.fi/2016/02/i-m-g-e-has-to-b-e-located-i-n-t-o-t-h.html and to the video in question of the painter using her body as a tool to make a piece https://www.facebook.com/mymodernmet/videos/10153882146709299/ and finally Vitruvius Man by Leonardo da Vinci https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/22/Da_Vinci_Vitruve_Luc_Viatour.jpg/300px-Da_Vinci_Vitruve_Luc_Viatour.jpg