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Cameron A Kuntz

Cameron A Kuntz

To Independent Fine Art Professionals and other hives 01/03/2016

What do you think...
Hi All
Attention sitters,
A complaint was made on saturday to the Oak bay police about Cameron's image that was in the window
The police did show up and questioned Arlene who was sitting at the time. We were not asked to remove the picture. But we were told that we may hear from the Oak Bay Business Association.
... the offending piece

Cameron A Kuntz
  1. Tiina Holli
    06/03/2016 #70Tiina Holli
    #69 I agree. The posture is closed, and the face is in sight but is not welcoming - that makes a different too, this figure is ready to protect itself. Also the model wears clothing.
  2. Cameron A Kuntz
    06/03/2016 #69Cameron A Kuntz
    #68 when the body is filling the frame and close cropped it presents a dynamic image. Like mine there is a breast exposed and the pose itself suggests frailty. As an image itself, without context and the fact that this is a female,, I think it would more easily accepted and not seen as being obscene.
  3. Tiina Holli
    06/03/2016 #68Tiina Holli
    #65 #62 #28 #27 what do you say, what is the difference to this image - this was in the buzz feed today : https://www.bebee.com/post/368164
  4. Tiina Holli
    04/03/2016 #67Tiina Holli
    #63 Fabs and Pamela - @pamela stockamore click orange JOIN ( if not yet done that ) inside this link https://www.bebee.com/group/independent-fine-art-professionals
  5. Tiina Holli
    04/03/2016 #66Tiina Holli
    #65 yes Fabs I read it, you have an interesting approach - both of you
  6. Le Corvaisier Fabienne
    04/03/2016 #65Le Corvaisier Fabienne
    #19 I wrote a comment for Cam
  7. Le Corvaisier Fabienne
    04/03/2016 #64Le Corvaisier Fabienne
    #6 Tiina, I'm convinced too that showing a woman's body would have no problem
  8. Le Corvaisier Fabienne
    04/03/2016 #63Le Corvaisier FabienneReply
  9. Cameron A Kuntz
    03/03/2016 #62Cameron A Kuntz
    #61 Fabienne, you have the essence of not only this poem but the other works in the show. Nakedness exposes our fragility and this vulnerability make us want to hide, yet our soul at the same time expresses itself through our physicality. So yes there is a dichotomy between the soul's creative expression and who we think we are in the world–as you say invincibility vs invisibility.
  10. Le Corvaisier Fabienne
    03/03/2016 #61Le Corvaisier Fabienne
    #54 Well Cam, If I understand (but do I?) you seem to consider his eyeless nudity like a kind of fragility (acceptance of human fragility) - and in the same time like a kind of mask, a way forbe coming invisible and somehow invincible. For we can see what can be seen (body), but not what is hidden (soul) Am I right? I hope so, for it's near my own conception.
  11. Le Corvaisier Fabienne
    03/03/2016 #60Le Corvaisier Fabienne
    #54 Cam,I read your poem
  12. Tiina Holli
    03/03/2016 #58Tiina Holli
    Does @pamela stockamore have own site ? because Cam @Cameron A Kuntz said he could not find Pamela's pieces ? pamela could also create an own hive and share her works there as a portfolio in beBee.
  13. Tiina Holli
    03/03/2016 #57Tiina Holli
    @Mark Kulaga and David @David Lisle, you have LinkedIn blogs, why don't you establish an own hive here to share your blog posts in it ? A portfolio-hive for you.
  14. Tiina Holli
    03/03/2016 #56Tiina Holli
    #48 because I have not yet seen so much French here does not mean, that here would not be French speakers in some hive ( hive is a group ). But it occured to me taht now that we have this platform and it is allowed to establish own hives, then why not use this opportunity ? Any of us can create a portfolio -hive, or a blog post -hve, or search for native language friends in a hive. I am thinking about collecting some of my blog posts in a new hive I will create.
  15. Tiina Holli
    03/03/2016 #55Tiina Holli
    #48 you sure are correct Fabienne ! about that living in astrange world in a strange century ... surreal Le @Le Corvaisier Fabienne ...
  16. Cameron A Kuntz
    03/03/2016 #54Cameron A Kuntz
    #53 Fab, here's the poem again. Thanks for asking :-).....You Cannot See Me

    time has stretched itself thin
    as I am stretched thin and lie in wait
    where have they gone?
    the darkness that once hid me
    from judgemental eyes?
    the warmth that used to touch
    this white skin?
    I am now exposed
    cold and fragile
    hiding my eyes I turn
    from the seeking light
    caress my own self
    the warmth of carnal fingertips
    and sheltering darkness
    send the monsters running
    I return to my own thoughts
    you cannot see me

    © Cameron Kuntz 2016
  17. Le Corvaisier Fabienne
    03/03/2016 #53Le Corvaisier Fabienne
    #19 @Tiina Holli Where can i find thid poem?
  18. Le Corvaisier Fabienne
    03/03/2016 #52Le Corvaisier Fabienne
    #20 Tiina where can I find this poem?
  19. Le Corvaisier Fabienne
    03/03/2016 #51Le Corvaisier FabienneReply
  20. Le Corvaisier Fabienne
    03/03/2016 #50Le Corvaisier Fabienne
    #19 Where can I fînd this poem?
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