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Tiina Holli

Tiina Holli

To Scientists and Research02/03/2016

New super computer at Monash University simplifies science into pictures. $6 million super computer opened at Melbourne's Monash University
on 29.2.2016

" The computer, dubbed M3, is equipped with powerful graphics capability which turns data into images, giving researchers insights they may not otherwise see. "

"MASSIVE provides specialised processing power to build three dimensional X-ray images at micrometre resolution or complex maps to summarise the interconnections between millions of brain cells. At a glance, scientists can now visualise and understand these complex structures."

www.afr.com New $6 million super computer will help make sense of complex structures ranging from bacteria to...
  1. Tiina Holli
    04/03/2016 #2Tiina Holli
    Simplifying science into pictures: a nanoscale image of bacteria from one of Monash University's MASSIVE supercomputers http://www.afr.com/content/dam/images/g/n/5/7/3/b/image.related.afrArticleLead.620x350.gn572n.png/1457006559159.jpg
  2. Tiina Holli
    02/03/2016 #1Tiina HolliReply