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William VanDorin

William VanDorin

To Graphic and other hives 04/03/2016

Greetings, My name is will, and I am new here. Well, at least I'm new somewhere! LOL!

William VanDorin
  1. Tiina Holli
    08/03/2016 #6Tiina Holli
    so William, @William VanDorin - did your classical training include hitting the JOIN -button of this Hive ????? I recommend you to give it a go because this is a very fine hive. I think.
  2. Tiina Holli
    08/03/2016 #5Tiina Holli
    W E L C O M E
    William VanDorin, a surrealistic fantasy artist
    lives and works in Ocean Park, Washington, USA
    classically trained illustrator as well as sculptor,
    working in many mediums
    Education : Bachelor of fine arts
    at Cal. Institute of Fine Arts 1976 - 1981 California
    Owner of Loud Silence Studio
  3. Teresa Gezze
    08/03/2016 #3Teresa Gezze
  4. pamela stockamore
    07/03/2016 #2pamela stockamore
    Hi Will - glad you have joined us!
  5. Tiina Holli
    04/03/2016 #1Tiina Holli
    well will that's for sure LOL!